Can You Pressure Wash a Tree Near Lynnwood?

pressure wash a treeA pressure washer is a useful outdoor tool. The pressure it exerts is capable of removing even the toughest stains from walls and decks. Is it possible, though, to pressure wash a tree near your Lynnwood home?

Why You Shouldn’t Pressure Wash a Tree Near Lynnwood

We don’t suggest using a pressure washer to clean a tree. Some homeowners may be tempted to clean the moss or other debris off a dirty tree on their property. However, pressure washers are precisely what their name suggests. The pressure produced can be as high as 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). For comparison, the typical garden hose produces about 50 PSI.

How Pressure Washers Harm a Tree

Pressure washers are designed to strip away tough grime. It can just as easily strip away tree bark. Our tree removal crew often reports significant bark loss when removing dead trees. Trees that lack bark are susceptible to disease and boring insects. The power from a pressure washer can also rip leaves from their branch and even snap off thinner branches.

What About Insecticides?

Some homeowners not only use a power washer but use it to spray insecticide. This will have the same damaging effects on a tree. If you suspect pest infestation, then get in touch with a tree service professional.

How to Safely Clean a Tree

If you want to remove moss or grime from a tree, a spray from a garden hose will suffice. You don’t need an excessive amount of pressure to remove surface debris. After a thorough wash, allow the tree to naturally dry.

We Maintain Tree Health Without Pressure Washers

Our regular and emergency tree service monitor trees of all species, age, and stages of health. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for a professional to perform a health assessment. It’s not necessary to pressure wash a tree for any reason.

Do Not Pressure Wash a Tree Near Lynnwood

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Posted on April 10, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business