Why Get Help to Prune Trees Effectively in Snohomish

Prune-Trees snohomishIt’s tempting to think that all you need to get started pruning the trees on your property are ordinary landscaping tools and a ladder. But you may end up doing more harm than good, and risking the health of your saplings and the longevity of the trees it took you so many years to nurture into maturity. Here’s why calling a tree service to prune trees is so important. 

Tree Service Workers Know When to Prune

While there’s never a wrong time to cut down damaged branches or those that can affect your house or the safety of others, large-scale pruning is best done in the spring or fall, depending on the tree species. Your tree care professional knows the best care practices for each kind of tree.

Avoid Over- or Under-Pruning

Cutting back tree branches is more than just making them look shapely. You also need to judge how the tree is maturing and decide which branches to cut for long-term healthy growth. Too much or too little cutting and your tree will suffer. 

Prevent Injury to Yourself

Even if you have years of experience and feel perfectly comfortable handling cutting tools, performing those same tasks on a ladder is risky. Losing your balance or getting caught by a falling tree branch could leave you seriously hurt. By calling a tree service company, you can get the tree work you need without risking a trip to the hospital.

Do You Need to Prune Trees in Snohomish?

Pro-Cut Tree Service performs a number of tree services for residential and commercial customers, from pruning to crown restoration. As tree specialists with more than 20 years of experience serving local property owners, we also deliver safe and efficient tree removal and emergency tree services in the aftermath of a storm. Our locally owned and operated company is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, so contact us for prompt and professional help to prune trees

Let Us Help You Prune Trees to Encourage Healthy Growth & Beautiful Landscaping in Snohomish

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