A Tree Falls on My Snohomish Property; What Do I Do?

tree fall

Storms aren’t super common in the Snohomish area, though they do happen from time to time. When one does occur, the winds may be powerful enough to knock over aging and weakened trees. What do you do with a fallen tree on your property?

Call Tree Removal Service

Did a tree just collapse on your property? What you need to do is contact emergency tree services. This applies even if the tree rests on the neighbor’s property. Since the tree is now on your property premise, the responsibility now lies on you. The neighbor does not bear any legal liability. This holds true even if the fallen tree caused damage to your home. 

Call Your Insurance

If the fallen tree has resulted in damage to your home, contact your home insurance provider to file a claim. Damage from a downed tree is classified as an “act of God” and is therefore usually covered by insurance. The city may also provide some financial compensation if the tree was on public grounds.

Whatever the case, the entity that pays and how much can get complex. Let the insurance handle it. Your job is to contact tree removal service.

Get a Permit

Most homeowners don’t know that planting and removing a tree requires written approval from the city. Research the permit acquisition process. While we handle the logistics of acquiring a permit, the homeowners should do their homework to avoid possible fines and penalties.

Have a Fallen Tree in Snohomish?

Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service if you have a fallen tree on your property to deal with. Our tree service in Snohomish frequently serves homeowners who have to deal with a tree that succumbed to the heavy gusts of mother nature. 

Speedy Emergency Tree Removal for a Fallen Tree in Snohomish

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Posted on August 10, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business