The Effects of Flooding on a Tree in Edmonds

tree flooding

The Edmonds area gets a decent level of rainfall. At times, this leads to flooding and ponding water. This can be bad for a tree if one rests on your property. The effects of flooding on a tree can lead to issues that warrant tree service.

How Floods Harm Trees

When water floods the soil, its nitrogen levels diminish significantly. The isn’t because water dilutes the nitrogen. It’s because the flood prevents the roots from absorbing oxygen. The tree responds by grabbing nitrogen from the surrounding soil. It only takes about an hour for an adult tree to consume all or nearly all of the soil’s nitrogen.

What Eventually Happens to the Tree?

When the tree consumes all the nitrogen content at the moment, there’s none left for later use. When trees lack nitrogen, it leads to all sorts of health maladies, such as low pigment in the leaves and stunted growth. If the issue isn’t addressed, this can eventually cause death. It’s not unusual for arborists to remove a tree in a recently-flooded area. 

Prevention Measures

You can’t exactly control the weather and stop a flood. However, you can minimize its hazardous effects on a tree. The best course of action is to hire a tree care professional. An expert can inject nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil using a spray rig. This process is called deep root fertilization and requires industry knowledge and commercial tools. Deep root fertilization enables the soil to expand and also allows the tree to absorb oxygen.

We Minimize the Effects of Flooding on a Tree in Edmonds

Our emergency tree care can quickly respond after a flash flood. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service if ponding water has formed around your tree. The effects of flooding on a tree can’t be overstated. Give your tree the care it needs by bringing in a professional.

Flooding on a Tree in Edmonds: Know the Consequences

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Posted on July 10, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business