Tree Removal Vs Tree Crown Restoration in Everett: Which Is the Better Option?

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Homeowners usually call for emergency tree service after a storm to remove a fallen tree. However, the truth is that not all damaged trees require removal. The tree may be salvageable through a process known as crown restoration.

The Truth About Tree Removal

Many homeowners choose to remove a tree in the aftermath of a storm, even though damage to the tree is minimal. The reason is that they fear a future storm can cause the now-weakened tree to give way and topple over completely. However, upon an evaluation from tree services, it turns out removal is not necessary.

What Is a Tree Crown Restoration in Everett?

In a crown restoration, the damaged tree is trimmed of loose and semi-broken branches. This restores the crown to a more solid structure. Pruning done right enables the tree to recover more quickly and return to a healthy state. The idea behind a restoration is to eliminate the branches that are at risk of separating from the tree and falling. Damaged branches that aren’t removed also put the tree at risk of stunted growth.

When Is Restoration Possible?

An assessment can determine when restoration is possible and when tree removal is the only solution. An arborist will examine these variables to assess the viability for restoration:

  • Existing defects that may increase the likelihood of future limb failure
  • The tree’s vitality in relation to its age
  • The species of the tree. Some species are more prone to the effects of strong gusts and storms. Soft maple trees, for instance, are especially vulnerable to harsh weather.

We Restore and Remove Trees

Did heavy winds just pass by your town? Call Pro-Cut Tree Service to make an appointment with an arborist to evaluate your tree and its post-storm condition. This will determine whether a crown restoration is doable.

Tree Crown Restoration and Removal in Everett

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