Emergency Tree Removal in Mukilteo: When Should You Call?

emergency tree removal mukilteoTrees are a beautiful accent to your home, and their longevity makes it easy to take their presence for granted. But unfortunately, there are times when emergency tree removal is necessary to ensure the safety of your home and property, as well as those around you. Learn when to get in touch with your tree service and request a prompt appointment.

Your Tree Has Fallen

It’s easy to think you can take apart a fallen tree on your own, but there are some serious dangers to keep in mind. Tree trunks can roll unexpectedly and chainsaw accidents can be deadly. In addition, you’ll need to make arrangements for getting all that sawn wood off of your property.

Your Tree Is Leaning Significantly

Not all trees grow straight and tall, but if you notice that a tree’s lean is increasing, it could be a sign that it’s diseased. A diseased tree is often weak and more likely to fall in heavy winds. Getting it removed reduces the risk it could hit your house, car or other structures when it falls.

Your Tree Has Been Hit by a Car

A traffic collision that sends a car into one of your trees is scary, and once first responders arrive and clear the accident scene, you may think it’s all over. But a strong impact like that may cause enough harm to the tree that it’s no longer stable and needs to come down. 

Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal at Your Mulkiteo Home?

Pro-Cut Tree Service performs a number of tree services for residential and commercial customers, from pruning to crown restoration. As tree specialists with more than 20 years of experience serving local property owners, we also deliver safe and efficient tree removal and emergency tree services in the aftermath of a storm. Our locally owned and operated company is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, so contact us for prompt and professional assistance for all your emergency tree removal needs. 

Best Emergency Tree Removal Service in Mukilteo 

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