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Overgrown trees that impose on buildings and views call for immediate tree maintenance services. Dead tree limbs are tree not only ugly and hazardous, but could be a sign of an unhealthy tree. Pro-Cut Tree Service provides affordable tree maintenance services that keep your trees healthy and flourishing for years to come.

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Tree trimming is essential to the care of a tree and the surrounding property. When trimmed correctly, a tree maintains it shape, stays healthy, and is resistant to decay, insects, and adverse weather. If a tree becomes overgrown or is improperly trimmed, it’s both an eyesore and a hazard. Tree trimming is especially important for creating the proper amount of clearance from buildings, vehicles and power lines. Pro-Cut Tree Service offers affordable tree maintenance services that will enhance your views, protect your home, and reduce the safety risks to your family and passersby.

Tree Pruning & Skirting

tree maintenance service, tree service, tree removal service, emergency tree serviceFine pruning trees is one of the best ways to add beauty and value to your property. Unfortunately, well-intentioned owners without proper tree servicing experience often prune their trees improperly, without considering the long-term health of the tree. When a tree is pruned incorrectly, it can take years to re-establish proper growth. We recommend professional tree pruning when trees are young in order to establish a strong growth structure that will last for years.

If you have fruit trees, or trees with branches low on the trunk, you may want to consider skirting as part of your ongoing tree maintenance. We are experts in this method, which carefully removes low-growing branches to maximizes fruit tree production and prevent tree loss due to insects, wildlife, and disease.

At Pro-Cut Tree Service, we’ve used years of experience to sharpen effective tree pruning techniques so trees look beautiful today and stay healthy years into the future.


Best tree service in N. Kiung & Snohomish CountiesWindstorms are a yearly occurrence in the Pacific Northwest and a threat to vulnerable trees. Heavy winds frequently knock down branches and whole trees, creating expensive repair and clean-up work for property owners. One of the best ways to prevent wind-related damage is to perform wind-sailing services on trees with top-heavy crowns. This specialized tree maintenance technique removes selective limbs to reduce a tree’s sail. When done properly, wind-sailing allows wind to pass through a tree’s branches safely, protecting both the tree and surrounding area.

If you haven’t had professional tree maintenance services performed on your trees, contact us for a free on-site assessment. Our experienced staff will help you select the right tree maintenance services to maximize the life of your trees, and your budget.

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