Protect Your Tree from Salt Damage in Marysville

tree salt damageThere are many things that can be damaging to a tree, such as boring insects, fungal growth, and more. Did you know that this includes salt as well? Tree salt damage is very real and is something you need to consider this time of year. As it gets colder, salt will be added to the roads to maintain road traction. However, this can be damaging if the salt ends up on the tree. Learn how this element can be harmful to most tree species.

How Does Salt Harm Trees?

Salt can leach into the soil. This adversely affects the tree’s ability to absorb water and minerals. When we remove a tree, we often see signs of severe dehydration and malnutrition. Often, this is due to salt getting into the soil.

Signs of Salt Damage

  • Leaves appear brownish
  • Diminished leaf production in spring
  • The leaves start dropping way before it’s autumn
  • Leaf dieback, or deterioration starting from the tips
  • All aforementioned signs appear on the side of the tree facing the road

It’s not unusual for our team to notice at least some of these signs during a tree care inspection in the fall and winter months.

Trees Vulnerable to Salt

Some tree species are more prone to salt damage than others. Here’s a list of trees at high risk:

  • Douglas fir
  • Red and sugar maple
  • Eastern hemlock
  • Boxwood
  • Black walnut

By contrast, these species have better tolerance:

  • Mugo pine
  • Juniper
  • Blue spruce
  • Paper birch
  • Northern red oak

This is important to be mindful of if you’re planning to plant a tree and your property is next to a city street.

For existing trees, apply mulch. This provides a barrier and keeps salt from reaching the soil.

We Prevent Tree Salt Damage in Marysville

We perform a number of tree care provisions, including emergency tree services in the aftermath of a storm. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for all tree-related assistance, including tree salt damage prevention in Marysville. 

Protection from Tree Salt Damage in Marysville

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