Why Is My Tree Shedding Leaves in Lake Stevens During Spring?

spring shedding leavesTrees often shed their leaves during the peak of autumn in Lake Stevens. By spring, the trees are supposed to grow back vibrant green leaves. However, what if the tree is shedding some of its leaves instead? Learn about spring leaf shedding and whether this is common and warrants emergency tree service.

The Reason for Spring Leaf Shedding in Lake Stevens

Trees shedding in spring is actually normal behavior. Some species that shed during this season include:  

  • Hickory
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Live Oak
  • Hackberry

These trees shed in spring because they maintain some of their leaves during the prior winter. These leaves age and must eventually go. New lush and green leaves will soon take their place.

Other Possible Cause

What if you have a tree that’s shedding in spring, and it’s not one of the aforementioned species? In this case, you may need to carefully observe the tree. If the leaves appear brownish and curled, the tree may have anthracnose. This is a broad term to describe a number of fungal diseases common in trees. Anthracnose is commonplace in humid and moist weather.

Most trees can recover from fungal diseases. Nevertheless, to ensure optimal healing, bring in a tree care service for a professional evaluation. You should also assist the tree by removing dead leaves. Infected leaves contain spores that can spread to the rest of the tree. After removal, apply fresh fertilizer to provide disease-fighting nutrients.

We Protect Trees from all Diseases

Dead tree removal is preventable by providing expert care. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service to maintain a healthy tree at the onset of spring. Spring leaf shedding is generally not a concern, but you should err on the side of caution and observe for signs of a diseased tree.

Spring Leaf Shedding in Lake Stevens

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Posted on March 10, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business