How to Minimize Tree Soil Compaction Near Marysville

tree soil compaction

Even if your tree appears to be in good shape, it may be experiencing ill health at the root level. This may stem from tree soil compaction and can have an adverse impact on the tree’s long-term health. What can you do to keep the soil from compacting?

What Causes Tree Soil Compaction Near Marysville?

Soil compaction is due to multiple causes, though the primary culprit is heavy foot traffic. If you typically have kids and pets scurrying around the yard and stepping all over and around the tree, this can crush the soil.

How Soil Compaction Affects Trees

When we remove a tree, we often notice the soil is abnormally compact. This alone doesn’t account for the tree’s ill health, though it does exacerbate the maladies in a diseased tree. This can weaken the tree, making it vulnerable to becoming completely uprooted during high winds. When our emergency tree service removes uprooted trees, they also report badly decayed roots.

Another issue is that water has a harder time penetrating compacted soil, leading to root dehydration. Trees that lack water are also prone to malnutrition. On top of that, the higher soil density creates pockets of heat that can be detrimental to the tree’s trunk.

How to Prevent It

You can determine how compact the soil is with an easy test. Take a screwdriver and plunge it all the way into the soil close to the tree perimeter. If it takes a bit of muscle power to get the screwdriver all the way down, then you have compact soil.

To prevent compaction, aerate the soil around the tree’s critical root zone using a high-velocity air tool.

Let Us Tend to Your Tree

Depending on soil conditions, compaction prevention may require professional intervention. Leave this form of tree care to us. Let Pro-Cut Tree Service help keep your tree healthy by monitoring the soil and keeping tree soil compaction from happening in the first place.

Tree Soil Compaction Prevention Near Marysville

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