What Causes Holes in Tree Trunks Near Lynnwood?

tree trunk holesSome homeowners have noted holes in the tree on their Lynnwood property. What’s with these tree trunk holes, and is this a cause for alarm? Is this an issue that warrants the help of emergency tree service? The holes may stem from a number of factors. Here is a list of the causes that may attribute to holes in your tree.

Boring Insects

If the hole is quite small, about a quarter of an inch, then the issue is likely boring beetles. The Lynnwood region is home to various boring pests that bore a hole into trees and lay eggs. These insects target weakened trees that are easy to bore into. This is a sign that your tree may be suffering from disease or undergoing some form of stress. This definitely warrants tree care service.


If you see a cluster of small holes, then this is likely due to pecking from yellow-bellied woodpeckers. The bird pecks at trees to reach the sugary sap beneath the bark. You can minimize pecking by covering the trunk in burlap wrap.

Clearwig Moths

Do you see larger holes, about the size of a dime? These may be signs of clearwig moths. Male moths take the eggs from the females and transport them to the holes in the trunk. When the eggs hatch, the larvae dig deeper into the tree to maintain a safe distance from predators. This can affect the tree’s health and inhibit its ability to absorb water and nutrients.

We Inspect Tree Trunk Holes Near Lynnwood

It’s not unusual for multiple holes to be present during the removal of dead trees. If you see a number of holes, take precautions by contacting Pro-Cut Tree Service for an inspection. Tree trunk holes don’t automatically mean your tree is in dire health, but it does warrant a professional checkup.

Dealing with Tree Trunk Holes Near Lynnwood

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Posted on May 10, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business