Why Leaving Leaves Alone in Lake Stevens Is Good

Leaving leavesFall has arrived. Many native Pacific Northwestern deciduous trees shed their leaves during this season. Typically, homeowners want to rake up and bag the leaves. However, we recommend leaving leaves alone. This is a strategic method of tree care that requires zero maintenance.

Why Leaving Leaves Alone in Lake Stevens Makes Sense

Do leaves in a forest get raked? No, the leaves remain until the natural biodegradation process takes place. This is advantageous for plant life and the environment as a whole.

Leaves contain carbon. When the leaves linger on the soil and decompose, the soil takes in the carbon, which helps with the soil’s nitrogen balance. Leaves are also a rich source of humic acid, which keeps the soil moist, minimizing compaction.

Leaves also make a good form of mulch that insulates the soil. This is especially relevant now that summer is over and the temperature begins to dip.

Furthermore, removing leaves creates environmental waste. Disposing leaves require a lot of plastic trash bags and transportation.

Fall Tree Care

When we remove dead trees, we usually don’t remove the fallen leaves, and we suggest homeowners also leave the leaves be. You can and should, however, clear leaves from concrete floors, decks, and designated walking paths. As for leaves resting on soil or grassy ground, don’t bother with it. Another method is to have a landscaper mow the leaves and combine them with grass clippings. This option is even more beneficial; the grass’ nitrogen level assists in stimulating microbial activity in the leaves.

Don’t Ignore Fall Tree Care

Autumn is the time of year when we get the most calls for emergency tree service. This is usually because of a lack of care during prior seasons. For the best tree health, leaving leaves alone is the ideal course of action. Well, that and contacting Pro-Cut Tree Service.

Leaving Leaves Alone Is a Smart Move in Lake Stevens

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Posted on September 10, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business