Is Your Tree Causing Sidewalk Damage in Marysville?

sidewalk tree damageThe tree on your property adds tremendous curb appeal. However, the roots underneath are capable of immense destruction. Is the sidewalk beyond your home splitting or bulging? Sidewalk tree damage can be a serious problem in the Marysville region.

The Ramifications of Sidewalk Tree Damage in Marysville

Tree roots can smash through pavement and concrete just like they can rupture plumbing pipes. This can be a serious issue if the damage happens just outside your home perimeter and on the public sidewalk. You may get a formal letter from the city mandating that you cover the fee for sidewalk repair.

If you just repair the sidewalk, the tree roots will continue to expand and cause the same damage again in a few years. For a long-term fix, you have to remove the tree. We know the tree is a wonderful cosmetic element. However, is the curb appeal worth the financial cost of sidewalk repair every several years?

Just cutting down the tree isn’t a sufficient solution. This won’t always stop the roots from growing. Our tree service includes uprooting the whole stump, roots included.

If You Want to Keep the Tree

Some homeowners really wish to keep the tree around. If this is you, call sidewalk repair services about potential reinforcements, such as:

  • Adding pea gravel beneath the concrete. This will enable room for roots to grow
  • Reinforcing the concrete with a rebar. This way, only the strongest and thickest roots can induce damage.
  • Paving a new sidewalk that bends or slopes around the tree.

We Remove Trees Hazardous to Sidewalks

Tree roots can become a major problem when they lead to damage outside the bounds of your private residence. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for emergency tree service if you need to stop the ever-growing roots. Sidewalk tree damage is a real possibility and necessitates homeowner action.

Solutions for Tree Sidewalk Damage in Marysville

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