How to Protect Your Trees from Deer in Everett

protect trees from deerThe Pacific Northwest has quite a significant deer population. If you live closer to the rural regions, expect to spot a buck or doe every once in a while. Seeing one is a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, if they scamper into your residence, they can cause major damage to your trees. We’ll discuss how you can protect trees from deer.

Why Protect Trees from Deer in Everett?

Male deer rub their horns on the tree bark. They do this to get rid of the velvet on their antler surface. Bucks may also do this as a way of claiming their territory, especially when it’s mating season. This can seriously erode the bark and damage low-hanging branches. Trees with damaged bark are susceptible to illness and exposure from the weather and pests. When we remove dead trees, we typically find the surface stripped of much of its bark.

How to Keep Deer Out

Deer often return to the same spot every year. Once a deer chooses your tree, you’ll likely see it hanging around your property more and more. To stop deer intrusion, we suggest constructing a woven-wire fence surrounding the tree. The fence should be a minimum of 6-feet high and angled at 30-degrees. You’ll be surprised how high deer can jump. An adult can jump over a fully vertical fence quite easily.

A temporary solution is to apply deer repellent within a 6-feet perimeter of the tree. You can purchase repellent from a local lawn store or create a homemade remedy. Some people also claim deer avoid the scent of deodorant soap. Hang some soap on the branch if you want to give this a try.

We Protect Trees from Animal Intrusion

Our tree service includes protective measures from native wildlife. Pro-Cut Tree Service provides multiple tree care solutions and emergency tree services year-round. Protecting your tree from deer is a must if you routinely see deer hanging around the neighborhood.

Protect Trees from Deer in Everett

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