Trimming and Pruning in Snohomish: What’s the Difference?

trimming and pruningMost residents treat the terms tree trimming and pruning as one and the same. Tree service workers, though, treat them as separate albeit similar terms. The difference lies in the reason for shortening and removing branches. 

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning entails removing dead, dying, or diseased branches. Arborists do this to promote healthy growth and to prevent dead branches from collapsing under their own weight and causing massive property damage or bodily injury.

This isn’t to be confused with tree removal,  which includes the organized removal of oversized branches. Professionals recommend pruning and removal of decayed branches as they’re at risk of a sudden collapse. Our emergency tree service often removes branches that broke off because they were not pruned when needed.

What Is Tree Trimming?

Landscapers usually use the term “trimming” when maintaining shrubs and hedges as opposed to trees. Tree trimming, however, basically refers to removing excess branches and leaves as a style of cosmetic maintenance. Topiary—cutting shrubs and small trees into animal shapes—is a form of trimming.

Trimming, though, isn’t a purely aesthetic endeavor. It also has many advantages. For instance, branches may be trimmed to keep them from making contact with utility or power lines.

Tree Maintenance from a Professional

Some homeowners may feel inclined to break out their shears and perform their own pruning and trimming. However, pruning and trimming are best left to a professional, especially the former. Improper cutting risks damage and may expose the tree to infection. The process should also be done according to guidelines outlined by the Tree Care Industry Association.

We Perform Tree Trimming and Pruning in Snohomish

Tree trimming and pruning aren’t exactly DIY-friendly. They require commercial tools and industry-specific craftsmanship. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service if you need any form of tree cutting.

Residential Tree Trimming and Pruning in Snohomish

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