Should You Plant a Tree on a Slope in Edmonds?

plant a tree on a slopeDo you have an existing tree resting on a slope? Are you contemplating about adding a tree, but the property rests on a hill? Is it feasible to plant a tree on a slope? Learn of the complications and the viability of maintaining trees on a slope.

The Challenges

Slopes naturally pose some issues for trees. One problem is that a slope creates a microclimate where the root has difficulty absorbing water. Essentially, water trickles off the slope before the root and soil are able to absorb the moisture.

Furthermore, trees already taxed from being on a slope have a harder time competing for nutrients with other foliage nearby. This includes plants, shrubbery, and groundcovers, all of which have shallower roots and more quickly consume the nutrients than deeper-rooted trees.

Our team typically removes trees that are perched on a slope. The untimely death is usually due to their inability to take in sufficient water and nutrients.

The Benefits of Planting a Tree on a Slope in Edmonds

In spite of the drawbacks, trees on a slope do have some perks. For one, the trees minimize soil erosion. Rainwater washes away much of the topsoil on a slope, which contains the bulk of nutrients. Sloped trees, however, act as a canopy that protects the bordering soil from the impact of falling water. Our tree service can ensure you receive the maximum advantages of a hillside tree.

Good Trees to Plant on a Slope

We suggest trees with deep roots. Favorable selections include evergreens, such as the Douglas Fir, Manuka, and Monterey Pine trees. If you’re considering food-bearing trees, then think about black cherry, walnut, and hickory trees.

Care for Your Sloped Tree

Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service to plant or maintain a sloped tree. Our emergency tree service can ensure your tree is getting sufficient attention. Planting a tree on a slope has its challenges, but it can be rewarding as well.

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Posted on May 10, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business