Why Is Bark Falling Off My Tree in Mukilteo?

falling barkThick bark is a sign of good tree health. Should you be concerned, though, when you see bark falling off of tree? Is the tree ill? Is it shedding its “skin” much like reptiles do? We’ll discuss the reasons behind trees shedding their bark.

Why Does a Tree Lose Its Bark?

Some tree species, such as pine, maple, ash, and oak, grow from the inside out. As new bark is produced, it pushes the old bark out.

As long as you see fresh bark in place of the fallen ones, then the tree is healthy. However, a tree may be in dire health if it’s accompanied by these symptoms:

  • You see bark coming off as a response to a drastic temperature fluctuation. Big temperature changes cause the bark in a sickly tree to rupture and split under the stress.
  • You notice additional signs of a diseased tree, such as dead leaves, oozing sap, and fungi.
  • You see fuzzy fungus growing at the trunk’s base or tiny holes from burrowing pests.

Are these signs that the tree is in grave condition? The only way to confirm is to contact a tree service for an in-depth examination. A lack of bark or bark that’s brittle, however, is definitely a typical symptom when our arborists remove a dead tree.

The tree may also be badly stressed but not dying. In this case, an arborist may recommend a care routine like additional watering and mulching around the tree base.

Bark Falling Off of Tree in Mukilteo? We Can Help

A tree may not respond well at the start of a new season when there is a dramatic temperature shift. Call our emergency tree service for an analysis. Pro-Cut Tree Service will inspect the tree and determine what needs to be done. Bark loss isn’t an automatic reason to panic. However, it behooves of you to keep an eye out for additional symptoms.

Don’t Ignore Bark Falling Off of Tree in Mukilteo

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