Fall Tree Care: DIY Autumn Maintenance Tips Near Lynnwood

fall tree care

Summer is over, and a cold winter is ahead. Trees are perfectly able to care for themselves in preparation for seasonal changes. However, there are steps you can take on your end to make the transition easier on your tree, thereby minimizing stress. You can give the following fall tree care tips a try to keep stress to a minimum.

1. Don’t Skimp on the Mulch

Our tree care service includes mulching, though this is something that can also be done by the homeowner. Mulch aids in moisture retention and also shields the soil and roots from the impending cold. We recommend natural materials for mulch, such as wood chips, pine needles, bark, and corn stalks.

2. Wrap the Tree

For young saplings, wrap the trunk’s base with burlap or paper wrap. While autumn is known for mild temperatures, it can still get quite hot or cold on some days. Wrapping the tree shields it from sunscald or frost cracking. Keep the wrap on until the arrival of spring.

3. Water the Tree

Lack of water can stunt a tree’s development. When we remove a dead tree, it’s not unusual for us to see symptoms of severe dehydration.

Follow these watering guidelines:

  • Water along the critical root zone. This is an imaginary circle that runs along the outer perimeter of a tree’s dripline.
  • Water in the early hours of the day to keep water evaporation to a minimum
  • Water once to twice every seven days
  • For effortless watering, set the hose to a light trickle and set it inside the tree’s dripline. Let it run for about two hours.

 We Perform Fall Tree Care Near Lynnwood

Trees undergo internal changes during autumn. You can be of assistance during this vital transition phase. Better yet, leave the job to Pro-Cut Tree Service. For fall tree care, enquire about our comprehensive range of arbor and emergency services.

Fall Tree Care Near Lynnwood

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