Winter Tree Dormancy in Lynnwood Explained

Fun fact: trees hibernate

Tree dormancyTrees go into hibernation the way bears do. This is known as tree dormancy. With winter here, the tree on your property is likely in dormancy right now. We’ll explain this annual process and some tree maintenance you can do to assist in the tree’s health while it’s “asleep.”

How Tree Dormancy Works

Some animals survive in the winter by being more physically active and consuming more food. Others, such as bears, skunks, and snakes, go into a season-long hibernation to conserve energy and slow their metabolism. Trees hibernate for the same reason. This explains why some trees (mainly deciduous species) shed their leaves—leaves need energy to remain green and vibrant.

How to Care for a Dormant Tree

Root growth still takes place during winter. This is why you should add mulching at the trunk’s base to keep the soil insulated. Winter is also a good season for pruning/trimming. This halts the spread of certain fungi. It also prevents too much snow accumulation, which can add unnecessary weight to the trees’ branches.

Winter pruning is also ideal due to the firmer soil. This keeps the soil from compacting. It also reduces the likelihood that daily foot traffic will disrupt the soil. Pruning is best done by a licensed arborist. A tree care specialist can identify dead or dying limbs.

If branches have been damaged by heavy storms or strong winds, you may need to contact emergency tree service to safely remove the compromised branches.

Leave Tree Dormancy Care in Lynnwood to Us

Trees need just as much maintenance when in hibernation. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for maintenance work, such as mulching and trimming. We can also remove trees or stumps that leave a visual eyesore on your lawn. Diligent care is every bit as needed during tree dormancy.

Tree Dormancy Care in Lynnwood

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