Why Speedy Dead Tree Removal Is Important in Marysville

dead tree removalDo you know if a tree on your property is dead or on the verge of death? If you verified the tree is beyond salvaging, then you need to start the dead tree removal process ASAP. We’ll explain why a fast removal is required and why a dead tree is a safety risk.

Why Dead Tree Removal in Marysville Is Necessary

An adult mature oak tree weighs around 4,400 pounds. If it were to fall over, it could do significant damage to property and even cause bodily injury. It should be noted that most homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover damage from toppled trees. Such a scenario is considered negligence on the homeowner’s end for failing to remove the tree.

It’s a fact that dead trees are more susceptible to collapsing. This is because the roots stop transporting nutrients to the trunk, vastly weakening the wood. Dead trees may give way during a storm or even collapse from being unable to support its own weight.

How to Identify a Dead Tree

You don’t want to remove a tree if it’s still in a treatable condition. Here are a few signs to help you recognize a dead or dying tree:

  • Mushrooms or other fungi growing on or near the trunk base
  • Large cavities in the trunk
  • Splits in the trunk with peeling bark
  • Twigs minus living buds on the tips

These symptoms aren’t sure signs that your tree has breathed its last breath. To be certain, contact a tree service for an assessment. An arborist will conduct an inspection to determine if a tree is dead or about to die. If so, then you can make arrangements to remove the tree at the inspector’s recommendation.

We Remove Dead Trees on the Spot

Our emergency tree removal may remove a tree if there’s a high risk of it falling over. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service if you have reason to believe a tree is in failing health. Dead tree removal is usually the primary corrective course for keeping your property safe.

Dead Tree Removal Done the Right Way in Marysville

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Posted on January 10, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business