Shield Your Tree from Sunscald in Edmonds

Tree SunscaldTrees can get sunburn much the same way people can. This is known as tree sunscald, and it can be quite harmful. Our tree service recommends protecting your tree from excessive heat rays now that summer is in full swing.

What Is Tree Sunscald?

Sunlight is crucial for tree growth. Too much sun, however, is counterproductive. Also, excessive heat can cause premature damage. Our tree removal service has actually removed dead and dying trees that decayed due to too much sunlight. Vegetable crops, such as tomato and pepper plants, are also prone to sunscald.

Why Sunscald Is Detrimental

Sunscald can damage the bark and cause aesthetic defects. Even worse, it can destroy the bark to the point where the tree’s outermost tissue is exposed. This outermost tissue is known as the cambium layer and is responsible for bark growth. The cambium layer will lose its ability to produce bark if it becomes damaged from exposure.

An exposed cambium layer leaves the tree susceptible to all sorts of infections. Bacteria, fungi, and burrowing insects have easy access to the tree’s tissue, leading to irreversible disease.

How to Prevent Sunscald

Stop sunscald by shielding the tree from direct sunlight. This can be done using simple cloth wraps. Depending on the tree species, the wraps may be applied seasonally or until the tree reaches adulthood. A tree service will determine when and how long cloth wraps should be applied.

Proper pruning is another preventive measure. Incorrect pruning exposes too many parts of the tree. This is why you should never prune a tree yourself; the task should be handled by a licensed arborist. Trees should be pruned accordingly depending on the climate, season, and the tree’s location in relation to your property.

We Protect Your Tree from Sunscald

Call Pro-Cut Tree-Service now that summer is here. Our emergency tree service will examine for tree sunscald and other damage following an intense heatwave.

Tree Protection from Hot Weather

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