Summer Fruit Tree Care in Snohomish

fruit tree careHave a fruit tree on your lawn? The summer is the season to give it extra care to keep disease, insects, and extreme heat at bay. Fruit tree care in the summer isn’t hard; It just requires some adjustments on the homeowner’s end. All too frequently, our tree removal service hauls away decayed fruit trees due to improper summer maintenance.

Water Your Tree

Water your fruit trees deeply and infrequently. This approach is more effective than watering frequently but shallowly. If the tree rests on sandy soil, then water once every one to two weeks. Give enough water for the H2O to sink at least two-feet into the soil. Water every two to three weeks if the tree is planted in clay-based soil.

Keep Out Weeds

Nearby weeds compete with the tree for water. Keep weeds at bay by spreading a two- to three-inch layer of organic mulch, such as wood chips or pine straw. Aside from preventing weed growth, mulch provides a no-mow boundary when trimming the grass. This mitigates the risk of damaging the roots. The mulch also aids in soil retention.

Thin Your Fruit

Thinning a tree’s fruit is the plucking of fruit from the stem before it’s ripe. The practice sounds counterproductive, but fruit thinning helps the tree grow more fruit in the long-term. When trees grow excess fruit, the additional weight causes some of the fruit to prematurely drop. Too much fruit may also lead to biennial bearing. This is a tree’s tendency to bear fruit only every other year. The specific fruit thinning process differs depending on the tree type, but as a rule of thumb, all fruit should be at least six inches apart; never allow them to bunch up.

We Assist in Fruit Tree Care

Our tree service can help you keep your tree in prime health during the warmer months. If you want an abundant fruit yield, then call Pro-Cut Tree Service for professional maintenance. Contact us for industry advice on fruit tree care.

Fruit Tree Care and Maintenance

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