Beware of Honey Fungus Mushrooms in Lake Stevens

honey fungus mushroomShould you be concerned when mushrooms grow on the base of your tree? Well, it depends on the type. Most mushrooms are harmless and are not a cause for alarm. However, we wanted to discuss one species called the honey fungus mushroom. This type is bad news, and you must take remediate action if you spot them on your tree.

The Honey Fungus Mushroom

The honey fungus is known for targeting tree roots and eating away at the wood and bark. This gradually weakens the tree’s base, eventually causing it to give way and topple over. When our emergency tree service removes decaying trees, they often spot signs of honey mushroom growth.

The fungus often grows on oak and birch trees, both of which are typical here in the Lake Stevens region. They also grow around fruit trees and hedge plants.

What Does the Honey Fungus Look Like?

The stem is distinct for its whitish ring. The top is also flat and not dome-shaped when fully grown. Infected trees may exhibit unusually small and pale leaves.

The mushroom grows in clusters and has a honey-like scent, hence the name. In case you’re wondering, this mushroom is generally safe for human consumption as long as it’s thoroughly cooked. With that in mind, however, we caution against eating any mushroom growing off the base of your tree.

How to Avoid Honey Fungus Growth

Discourage honey fungus growth by adhering to the following:

  • Bring in a tree removal service to remove dead and diseased branches
  • Prevent moist conditions by not over-watering your tree
  • Address existing root damage caused by burrowing pests or lawn equipment

We Stop Fungus Growth on Your Tree

Prevention is the best measure. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for routine tree maintenance. Our arborists can identify current tree health and determine whether it’s vulnerable to honey fungus mushrooms or other dangerous fungus growth.

Tree Inspection for Fungus Growth Prevention

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Posted on June 10, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business