The Best Poolside Trees for Your Residential Pool

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Being smack in the middle of January, you are probably not going to be using your pool anytime soon. However, enhancing your home is a common New Year’s Resolution. One way to boost function and curb appeal is with a poolside tree.

Should You Plant a Poolside Tree?

Beyond the visual aesthetics, a tree adjacent to a pool can be quite beneficial. It provides natural shade on a cloudless sunny day. However, with the benefit also comes some concerns. First, there is the risk of falling debris that may include individual leaves, twigs, and even whole branches. An even bigger concern are the roots. Tree species with an extensive root system can extend far below the soil and damage the pool liner or concrete. Tree removal may be necessary if you have a tree known for growing deep roots.

Best Poolside Trees

  1. Spruce: these trees grow fairly quickly and produce thick foliage that nicely blocks out the view of prying eyes. Despite producing a lot of needles, they remain effectively intact, so no need to worry that one might shed needles into the pool.
  2. Acacias: This species require little water. The roots, therefore, won’t gravitate towards a water source and damage the pool lining and surrounding concrete. Plus, they seldom shed their leaves.
  3. Windmill Palms: Windmill palms can grow in containers, making them easily transportable. They are a favorite for poolside landscaping and can be moved indoors come winter. Like spruces and acacias, they seldom shed their leaves. 

We Care for Poolside Trees

Our tree service includes maintenance of trees located near residential pools. Furthermore, our emergency tree service can respond to incidences, such as the tree collapsing into the pool. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service for routine maintenance of your poolside tree.

Poolside Tree Maintenance

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