Winter Tree Pruning: Why Cold Weather Is Ideal

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Proper tree pruning is integral for long-term tree health. Most homeowners schedule tree maintenance in spring or summer as part of their general lawn care efforts. However, winter tree pruning is actually recommended. Here’s why this season is best.

Tree Dormancy

Most tree species go dormant during winter. During this time there is no new growth. This is beneficial because growth is hampered by cold temperatures. With winter pruning, the tree will have ample time to heal and be ready for vibrant growth by spring. 

Prevent Diseases

Most insect species are inactive during winter, thus reducing the risk of damage from pests and diseases. The area where the tree was cut is especially prone to bug and mold intrusion. The primary cause of tree removal is often due to premature death from pest and disease. 

Common tree diseases active during the previous summer and following spring include oak wilt, Dutch elm, and cedar hawthorn rust. The bacteria and parasites that spread these diseases are dead or dormant during winter.

More Efficient Assessment

Most tree species haver fewer leaves during when they’re dormant. This makes it easier for an arborist to identify the tree’s existing structure and diseased branches. Dying branches are prone to giving way especially if weighed down by accumulating frost and snow.

A tree full of twigs and leaves is more difficult to assess even for a trained tree care provider.

More Efficient Pruning

The soil freezes in winter, providing a solid surface for heavy equipment, which may be necessary when handling heavier branches. Heavy equipment resting on soft soil during the warmer seasons can cause compaction and damage your landscape.

We Perform Winter Pruning

Winter pruning may offset situations that may warrant emergency tree service. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service while winter is still young. Winter pruning readies the tree for new growth while offsetting infection and disease.

Wintertime Tree Pruning

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