Prevent Soil Erosion with a Tree

prevent soil erosion, soil erosionSoil erosion is a serious problem for many homeowners, especially in regions with heavy rainfall. A tree, though, may be able to minimize this to a significant degree. Here’s why soil erosion prevention is so important and the role trees play in preserving the soil.

Soil Erosion Explained

Soil erosion occurs when the soil wears away due to the forces of rain and wind. This is bad for your home in multiple ways. Erosion creates gaps in the ground that allow water to pool. If this occurs next to your home, it can damage the concrete foundation. Excess water can also drown plants and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

How do Trees Prevent Soil Erosion?

Trees have extensive root systems that branch out into a network of smaller roots. These roots hold the soil in place and also improve the soil’s ability to drain.

Keep in mind, though, that not all trees have extensive root systems. Some have shallow roots that only grow a few feet. Also, a newly planted tree will need several years of growth before its roots are capable of holding the soil. We suggest a consultation with a tree service if you plan to plant a tree for this purpose.

Other Ways to Prevent Soil Erosion

Retaining walls are one effective means of preventing erosion. Mulch is yet another method; this provides a barrier that reduces the impact of pelting raindrops. Gravel has the same effect, as do fiber logs. Plus, these also add to the beauty of your landscape.

We Assess Residential Trees

Our service includes tree removal and emergency tree servicing after a storm. Call Pro-Cut Tree service for an assessment of your tree. A diseased tree lacks the root strength needed to prevent soil erosion.

Residential Tree Protection

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