Is Your Tree Causing Sidewalk Damage?

sidewalk tree damageThe tree on your property makes for some good curb appeal. However, the roots underneath may be causing some visible destruction. Is the sidewalk outside your property cracked or bulging? Sidewalk damage caused by trees is actually quite commonplace in the Lake Stevens area.

The Implications of Sidewalk Tree Damage

Tree roots can break through sidewalks much the same way they can rupture house pipes. This can be especially problematic if the damage occurs just beyond your property and on the public sidewalk. You may receive a notice from the city requiring you to foot the cost for sidewalk repair.

If you just fix the sidewalk, the tree roots will continue to grow and cause similar damage down the road. For a permanent solution, you need to remove the tree. Yes, we know the tree is a nice aesthetic element. However, is the tree worth the cost of repairing the sidewalk every few years?

Just cutting down the tree is not enough. The roots of a cut tree may continue to grow. Our tree service includes uprooting of the entire stump.

If You Want to Keep the Tree

We understand that some homeowners can’t stand to part with their beloved tree. In this instance, contact sidewalk repair services about possible reinforcements, such as:

  • Installing pea gravel under the concrete. This will allow room for roots to expand
  • Reinforcing the concrete with rebar. This way, only the toughest roots can cause damage.
  • Creating a new sidewalk that slopes or bends around the tree.

We Remove Trees Detrimental to Sidewalks

Tree roots can be unforgiving and become a serious issue when they cause damage beyond your private property. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for emergency tree service if you need to do something about roots. Trees damaging the sidewalks require immediate attention.

Tree and Stump Removal in Lake Stevens

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