3 Tree Pruning Mistakes That Cause More Harm Than Good

tree pruning mistakesYou may be tempted to trim the tree in your yard. This seems like a fairly straightforward DIY task. It doesn’t seem too hard as long as you have a sturdy saw and decent upper body strength. However, tree trimming isn’t as simple as you may think. If you trim your own tree, you may be committing these three tree pruning mistakes without even realizing it.

1. Wrong Timing

You should not prune most tree species in the fall, since this is when decay fungi spread their spores. Improper pruning can leave “wounds” that create an opening for fungus to enter and cause decay.

Of course, there are a number of other factors that dictate the timing, such as tree species and reason for pruning. If you want the tree to grow new branches for spring, for example, then it wouldn’t make sense to prune in the summer or right in the middle of spring.

2. Topping

Topping is the practice of removing the crown of the tree or entire branches from the top. Aside from creating a deformed appearance, topping also starves a tree, thereby severely compromising its health. This is because a tree loses most of its leaves when topped. Without leaves, trees cannot absorb sunlight and produce sap to feed on. This often leads to a decayed tree that eventually needs to be hauled away by tree removal services.

3. Over Pruning

Our tree service never removes more than 15% to 20% of a tree’s foliage at a time. Removing too many branches causes the same problem as topping a tree. It leaves behind insufficient amount of leaves. We understand that cutting a tree is a good exercise, but that is no reason to become all prune-happy.

Avoid Tree Pruning Mistakes by Calling a Pro

Our emergency tree service has often removed decaying trees that were once healthy. The demise was often due to poor DIY pruning practices. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service to avoid the common tree pruning mistakes that can lead to a tree’s declining health.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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