Is Tree Mulching On Your Schedule?

Tree MulchingHomeowners often take great care of their garden beds and small plants. However, they neglect their trees for some reason. There seems to be this belief that because a tree is so large by comparison that it’s perfectly capable of sustaining itself. While there is a kernel of truth to this, a tree can be so much healthier when the homeowner takes a pro-active role. Tree mulching is a good place to start.

Why Mulch Your Tree?

Mulching is an integral part of tree maintenance. It greatly enhances tree vitality by:

  • Preventing soil compaction
  • Keeping out weeds, which in turn prevents root competition
  • Keeping the root moist through water retention
  • Insulating the soil to provide a buffer from extreme temperatures

Tree mulching is advantageous for a tree’s health. A healthy tree has a stronger base and can better withstand the ravages of cold weather. Storms and heavy gusts, as you may be aware, are quite commonplace in the Pacific Northwest during certain times of the year. Our emergency tree service often removes trees damaged by severe weather. We can attest that almost all of these trees were in less than optimal health.

How to Mulch a Tree

Mulch should be two to three inches thick and be applied about six inches away from the trunk. Mulch against the trunk can cause too much moisture retention, leading to fungus growth. Apply mulch in a circular formation with a diameter of at least three feet.

So, what are the best types of mulch? We prefer natural sources, such as bark, wood chips, hay, compost, pine needles, and shredded newspaper. Yes, we consider newspaper a natural source since it’s made from trees. Some homeowners worry about the ink; however, this is a non-issue since ink is made primarily from soy and easily breaks down.

Tree Mulching Promotes Health

Spring is here; now is a good time to care for all forms of vegetation on your property that contribute to the curb appeal. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service if you need help with tree mulching or need to remove a tree that’s decaying and beyond saving.

Tree Mulching and Other Tree Care Services

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