How to Care for a Fir Tree Near Edmonds

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The Christmas tree that we place indoors and decorate for the holidays is actually a fir tree, or a conifer as some people call it. Some people also have this tree type on their lawn. This provides a nice curb appeal that exudes a flattering alpine ambiance. Fir tree care is essential for long-term good health. Learn the best care practices.

When to Plant Fir Trees

Are you planting a bare-root fir tree? It’s best to plant in late fall or winter. Prior to planting, spend a few hours hydrating the tree by soaking the trunk’s base in a bucket of water.

On the other hand, if you’re planting a fir tree already partially grown and in a container, then you can plant year-round. We do advise, however, against planting during drought periods. Not surprisingly, we remove dead trees much more frequently during dry spells. Fir trees also benefit in areas with plenty of shade and out of direct sunlight.

Fir Tree Maintenance

A juvenile fir needs weekly watering. We recommend saturating the soil perimeter using a soaker hose. Just set the hose to a light trickle and bury it beneath the mulch for one to two hours. If puddling begins to form, then remove the hose and allow the soil to absorb the water before reapplying the hose. If the fir tree is already a mature adult, then it only needs watering during droughts.

Fertilize every spring until the tree reaches maturity. Our tree care service can perform both the watering and fertilizing. The soil should also be tested prior to planting. Fir trees thrive in soil with a slightly acidic and lower pH balance.

We Care for Fir Trees Near Edmonds

Homeowners often contact Pro-Cut Tree Service to care for a fir tree that they intend to set up as an indoor Christmas tree. However, our emergency tree care also cares for outdoor firs. Fir tree care is a sophisticated process that is best left to a licensed arborist.

Fir Tree Care Near Edmonds

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