Does Your Tree Suffer from Iron Chlorosis?

iron chlorosis, iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is not uncommon among people. Likewise, trees and plants can also be deficient of this vital mineral. Iron chlorosis is a common tree condition and can lead to premature health issues. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms so you can ensure that your tree gets enough iron.

Why Trees Require Iron

All plant life requires iron to survive and thrive. The mineral is essential for everyday life functions, such as metabolism, chlorophyll production, and nitrogen fixing. Without iron, tree health quickly deteriorates, leading to disease and eventually death. In fact, when we remove dead trees, we often find symptoms of iron deficiency.

What Causes Iron Chlorosis?

A tree gets most of its iron from the soil. Soil conditions dictate how well tree roots can absorb the mineral. Conditions that may hamper iron absorption include:

  • High soil pH
  • Too much clay in the soil
  • Soil compaction
  • Too much phosphorus in the soil

Symptoms of Iron Chlorosis

The most common symptom is a condition called leaf chlorosis. When this occurs, the leaves turn yellowish. However, the leaves’ veins remain greenish. The yellowing begins at the tips and eventually extends towards the stem. Other symptoms include leaf loss and poor growth. 

How to Prevent Iron Chlorosis

First, test the soil using a soil test kit. Alternatively, you can collect about one cup of soil and add a half cup of vinegar to it. If it fizzles, then the soil pH is too high. You will need to contact a company that provides tree care services for remediation. You can also add chelated iron to the soil in the form of a foliar spray.

We Prevent Iron Chlorosis

We perform emergency tree service in and around Lake Stevens. Give Pro-Cut Tree Service a call if you notice symptoms of iron deficiency. Iron chlorosis is a serious condition but can be reversed with the right treatment.

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