Plant a Tree This Arbor Day

plant a tree, Arbor Day

Arbor Day is at the end of April. This is a vastly overlooked holiday that flies under most people’s radar. To celebrate this day, we suggest that homeowners, schools, and landowners plant a tree on their property. Not only will you boost curb appeal this way, but you’ll also help out the environment.

How Trees Help the Environment

Let’s look at the ways that trees contribute to mother nature. First, the soil absorbs water and reduces severity of floods during heavy rainfall. They also cool the earth by filtering carbon dioxide from the air. CO2 and other greenhouse gas removal is especially beneficial in urban areas like Snohomish County.

Here are some other fun facts. A single adult canopy tree can produce enough oxygen to sustain two human adults. An entire forest of trees can store three times the amount of CO2 contained in the planet’s atmosphere.

Sad but True Facts

The planet needs more trees. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have already decimated roughly half of the tree population. Every year, humans cut down about 50,000 square miles of trees. For reference, that is enough trees to cover the entire state of Alabama.

Also Be Sure to Remove Trees

Instances do exist, though, when a tree needs to be cut down. Just because a tree is beneficial doesn’t mean you should keep a tree that’s no longer structurally sound. A dead tree has none of the aforementioned environmental benefits. Remove the tree and prepare the way for a new sapling in its spot. Our emergency tree service can remove trees that are dead, dying, or damaged from a storm.

We Can Help You Plant a Tree

Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service this Arbor Day to plant a tree. Our tree care service can help you maintain the tree from sapling to adult. Plant a tree and contribute to our one and only planet, Earth.

Tree Planting and Maintenance

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