How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree CareAs a tree removal company, it goes without saying that we know a thing or two about Christmas tree care. Since December is upon us, we thought we might share with you some tips on how to keep the tree healthy. This will ensure a strong tree that retains its vibrancy all December long.

Christmas Tree Care Tips from the Pros

Fir Trees Need a LOT of Water

The basin of the tree stand should be filled with fresh water that is replaced every 24 hours. The basin should contain one quart of water for every inch of tree diameter. You can also improve the tree’s water intake by drilling several half-inch holes on the side of the trunk below the water level.

Some tree maintenance services advocate placing some sugar in the water. This will act as a form of artificial sap for the tree to feed on. From our experience, adding sugar does not really make a difference, though it doesn’t seem to cause harm either. Feel free to give it a try, though plain water will suffice nicely.

Keep the Tree Cool

Keep the tree away from heaters, fireplaces, heating vents, and direct sunlight. High temperatures will cause the tree to dry out faster. This will also increase its water consumption.

Christmas Tree Examination

Here’s a helpful tip for discerning between a healthy and not-so-healthy fir tree at a Christmas tree lot. Shake the tree; if a lot of needles fall off, then it’s in fairly bad shape. A healthy tree should firmly hold onto its needles.

Need Tree Trimming, Removal or Pruning Service?

With the holidays also come windy weather. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service for any emergency tree service on your property. The weather at this time of year may cause damage by falling trees and flying limbs. Hazardous trees need to be removed or properly trimmed to ensure safety this season.

With proper Christmas tree care, your tree will be a lively centerpiece throughout this holiday season.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

Christmas Tree Care Tips by Your Local Tree Experts

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