Preventing Soil Erosion: How Your Tree Can Help

soil erosion, preventing soil erosion

Constant rain and wind can erode the soil, leading to all sorts of problems. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, a tree on the property can actually minimize the effects. Find out how a tree is a valuable asset for preventing soil erosion.

The Effects of Soil Erosion

Soil absorbs water. When soil erodes, less of it is available, allowing the yard to flood. This means more puddling water, which creates a breeding ground for invasive insects like mosquitoes. It also drowns the plants, causing them to die prematurely.

Water accumulation can also harm the home’s foundation. Water is especially bad if the concrete has existing cracks. Concrete is porous and water seepage can cause extensive damage.

How Does a Tree Help?

Trees have roots that form robust structures that extend deep into the soil. This holds the soil in place and staves off erosion in the event of heavy rainfall. It also prevents soil compaction. Compaction stiffens the soil, reducing its ability to absorb water. 

In addition, the tree’s foliage helps spread out the rain water and diminishes its impact in any given spot. When rain droplets land on the tree, they drip off the leaves and land on the soil much more softly. When rain lands directly on the soil, the more forceful impact creates erosion.

Keep in mind that for a tree to minimize soil erosion, it must be healthy. A sick tree has weak roots that cannot hold the soil firmly in place. This makes tree care imperative for preventing soil erosion.

Trees Help Pervent Soil Erosion

As tree specialists, Pro-Cut Tree Service performs tree removal and emergency tree maintenance among other services. Soil erosion can cause a domino effect that leads to a variety of other problems, from pest infestations to foundation damage. Trees are part of the equation for soil erosion prevention.

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Does Your Tree Suffer from Iron Chlorosis?

iron chlorosis, iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is not uncommon among people. Likewise, trees and plants can also be deficient of this vital mineral. Iron chlorosis is a common tree condition and can lead to premature health issues. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms so you can ensure that your tree gets enough iron.

Why Trees Require Iron

All plant life requires iron to survive and thrive. The mineral is essential for everyday life functions, such as metabolism, chlorophyll production, and nitrogen fixing. Without iron, tree health quickly deteriorates, leading to disease and eventually death. In fact, when we remove dead trees, we often find symptoms of iron deficiency.

What Causes Iron Chlorosis?

A tree gets most of its iron from the soil. Soil conditions dictate how well tree roots can absorb the mineral. Conditions that may hamper iron absorption include:

  • High soil pH
  • Too much clay in the soil
  • Soil compaction
  • Too much phosphorus in the soil

Symptoms of Iron Chlorosis

The most common symptom is a condition called leaf chlorosis. When this occurs, the leaves turn yellowish. However, the leaves’ veins remain greenish. The yellowing begins at the tips and eventually extends towards the stem. Other symptoms include leaf loss and poor growth. 

How to Prevent Iron Chlorosis

First, test the soil using a soil test kit. Alternatively, you can collect about one cup of soil and add a half cup of vinegar to it. If it fizzles, then the soil pH is too high. You will need to contact a company that provides tree care services for remediation. You can also add chelated iron to the soil in the form of a foliar spray.

We Prevent Iron Chlorosis

We perform emergency tree service in and around Lake Stevens. Give Pro-Cut Tree Service a call if you notice symptoms of iron deficiency. Iron chlorosis is a serious condition but can be reversed with the right treatment.

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Powdery Mildew: What You Need to Know About this Pervasive Tree Disease

Powdery Mildew: What You Need to Know

Trees are susceptible to disease just like people. One prevalent disease is powdery mildew. Here’s some important information about this fungal infection and how it can ravage trees and shrubs. Prevention is possible with proper tree care.

What Is Powdery Mildew?

Powdery mildew is a disease that causes white splotches to appear on leaf and stem surfaces. The splotches resemble white powder, hence the name. The disease thrives in high-humidity climates. While rarely fatal, powdery mildew can cause nutrients to leech from the surface of plant, leading to withering and discoloration. Tree removal due to powdery mildew is uncommon. However, the white powdery-like substance is a sign of ill health.

Fruit trees are especially vulnerable, as are flowers like roses, begonias, and chrysanthemums. 

Signs of Powdery Mildew

As mentioned, the most obvious sign is a powder-like substance. However, other signs may also manifest, such as:

  • Yellowish and brownish leaves
  • Shriveled leaves or leaf lesions
  • Leaves curling at the edges
  • Blistering on leaves and flowers or chlorotic spots
  • Fruits and flowers that appear malformed

How to Prevent Powdery Mildew

Use a fungicide spray. We suggest a solution consisting of sulfur, potassium bicarbonate, and neem oil. You should also remove all infected parts of the plant. Dispose of infected leaves accordingly and do not compost them.

Regular pruning is also necessary to prevent overcrowding. When portions of the plant/tree begin bunching up, it reduces air circulation and increases humidity. Another little-known solution is milk. most people aren’t aware that milk has anti-fungal properties. Spray milk on the infected areas to kill the fungi and spores.

We Cure and Prevent Powdery Mildew

Signs of powdery mildew do not require immediate emergency service. However, we do recommend professional attention. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service if you spot signs of this fungal disease. Powdery mildew is a common disease that can gradually decrease tree health.

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Plant a Tree This Arbor Day

plant a tree, Arbor Day

Arbor Day is at the end of April. This is a vastly overlooked holiday that flies under most people’s radar. To celebrate this day, we suggest that homeowners, schools, and landowners plant a tree on their property. Not only will you boost curb appeal this way, but you’ll also help out the environment.

How Trees Help the Environment

Let’s look at the ways that trees contribute to mother nature. First, the soil absorbs water and reduces severity of floods during heavy rainfall. They also cool the earth by filtering carbon dioxide from the air. CO2 and other greenhouse gas removal is especially beneficial in urban areas like Snohomish County.

Here are some other fun facts. A single adult canopy tree can produce enough oxygen to sustain two human adults. An entire forest of trees can store three times the amount of CO2 contained in the planet’s atmosphere.

Sad but True Facts

The planet needs more trees. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have already decimated roughly half of the tree population. Every year, humans cut down about 50,000 square miles of trees. For reference, that is enough trees to cover the entire state of Alabama.

Also Be Sure to Remove Trees

Instances do exist, though, when a tree needs to be cut down. Just because a tree is beneficial doesn’t mean you should keep a tree that’s no longer structurally sound. A dead tree has none of the aforementioned environmental benefits. Remove the tree and prepare the way for a new sapling in its spot. Our emergency tree service can remove trees that are dead, dying, or damaged from a storm.

We Can Help You Plant a Tree

Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service this Arbor Day to plant a tree. Our tree care service can help you maintain the tree from sapling to adult. Plant a tree and contribute to our one and only planet, Earth.

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