Why It’s Better to Call for Tree Removal in Everett Than Doing It Yourself

tree removal everett Trees are popular accents in landscaping because of the beauty, shade and soil stability they provide. But sometimes trees grow too big, too close to a building or reach the end of their natural lifespan, and it’s time for them to come down. While you may be tempted to try and do the job yourself, it’s wise to call a professional tree removal company. Here’s why. 

Save the Tree

In some cases, a tree may not have to come down completely and may be saved. If this is your preference, a tree care professional has the skills, training and tools to carefully prune the tree so it’s safe to stay and could possibly recover its lush green canopy.

Protect Your Property

Even if you have the necessary saws to cut down a tree, if you make a mistake and it falls in the wrong direction, you could end up with serious property damage. Your tree service will carefully cut and remove limbs, branches and tree trunks safely.

Protect Yourself from Harm

Taking down a tree can be dangerous. From falling branches to a chainsaw that bounces back at you, you could receive a serious or even fatal injury. Calling an experienced tree care and removal contractor who has the right training and safety gear takes care of your property while shielding you.

Do You Need Expert Tree Removal in Everett?

Pro-Cut Tree Service performs a number of tree services for residential and commercial customers, from pruning to crown restoration. As tree specialists with more than 20 years of experience serving local property owners, we also deliver safe and efficient tree removal and emergency tree services in the aftermath of a storm. Our locally owned and operated company is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, so contact us for prompt and professional assistance for all your tree care needs. 

Trouble-Free Tree Removal for Everett Property Owners

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Protect Your Tree from Salt Damage in Marysville

tree salt damage There are many things that can be damaging to a tree, such as boring insects, fungal growth, and more. Did you know that this includes salt as well? Tree salt damage is very real and is something you need to consider this time of year. As it gets colder, salt will be added to the roads to maintain road traction. However, this can be damaging if the salt ends up on the tree. Learn how this element can be harmful to most tree species.

How Does Salt Harm Trees?

Salt can leach into the soil. This adversely affects the tree’s ability to absorb water and minerals. When we remove a tree, we often see signs of severe dehydration and malnutrition. Often, this is due to salt getting into the soil.

Signs of Salt Damage

  • Leaves appear brownish
  • Diminished leaf production in spring
  • The leaves start dropping way before it’s autumn
  • Leaf dieback, or deterioration starting from the tips
  • All aforementioned signs appear on the side of the tree facing the road

It’s not unusual for our team to notice at least some of these signs during a tree care inspection in the fall and winter months.

Trees Vulnerable to Salt

Some tree species are more prone to salt damage than others. Here’s a list of trees at high risk:

  • Douglas fir
  • Red and sugar maple
  • Eastern hemlock
  • Boxwood
  • Black walnut

By contrast, these species have better tolerance:

  • Mugo pine
  • Juniper
  • Blue spruce
  • Paper birch
  • Northern red oak

This is important to be mindful of if you’re planning to plant a tree and your property is next to a city street.

For existing trees, apply mulch. This provides a barrier and keeps salt from reaching the soil.

We Prevent Tree Salt Damage in Marysville

We perform a number of tree care provisions, including emergency tree services in the aftermath of a storm. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service for all tree-related assistance, including tree salt damage prevention in Marysville. 

Protection from Tree Salt Damage in Marysville

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Tree Removal Vs Tree Crown Restoration in Everett: Which Is the Better Option?

tree crown, tree removal, tree crown restoration

Homeowners usually call for emergency tree service after a storm to remove a fallen tree. However, the truth is that not all damaged trees require removal. The tree may be salvageable through a process known as crown restoration.

The Truth About Tree Removal

Many homeowners choose to remove a tree in the aftermath of a storm, even though damage to the tree is minimal. The reason is that they fear a future storm can cause the now-weakened tree to give way and topple over completely. However, upon an evaluation from tree services, it turns out removal is not necessary.

What Is a Tree Crown Restoration in Everett?

In a crown restoration, the damaged tree is trimmed of loose and semi-broken branches. This restores the crown to a more solid structure. Pruning done right enables the tree to recover more quickly and return to a healthy state. The idea behind a restoration is to eliminate the branches that are at risk of separating from the tree and falling. Damaged branches that aren’t removed also put the tree at risk of stunted growth.

When Is Restoration Possible?

An assessment can determine when restoration is possible and when tree removal is the only solution. An arborist will examine these variables to assess the viability for restoration:

  • Existing defects that may increase the likelihood of future limb failure
  • The tree’s vitality in relation to its age
  • The species of the tree. Some species are more prone to the effects of strong gusts and storms. Soft maple trees, for instance, are especially vulnerable to harsh weather.

We Restore and Remove Trees

Did heavy winds just pass by your town? Call Pro-Cut Tree Service to make an appointment with an arborist to evaluate your tree and its post-storm condition. This will determine whether a crown restoration is doable.

Tree Crown Restoration and Removal in Everett

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A Tree Falls on My Snohomish Property; What Do I Do?

tree fall

Storms aren’t super common in the Snohomish area, though they do happen from time to time. When one does occur, the winds may be powerful enough to knock over aging and weakened trees. What do you do with a fallen tree on your property?

Call Tree Removal Service

Did a tree just collapse on your property? What you need to do is contact emergency tree services. This applies even if the tree rests on the neighbor’s property. Since the tree is now on your property premise, the responsibility now lies on you. The neighbor does not bear any legal liability. This holds true even if the fallen tree caused damage to your home. 

Call Your Insurance

If the fallen tree has resulted in damage to your home, contact your home insurance provider to file a claim. Damage from a downed tree is classified as an “act of God” and is therefore usually covered by insurance. The city may also provide some financial compensation if the tree was on public grounds.

Whatever the case, the entity that pays and how much can get complex. Let the insurance handle it. Your job is to contact tree removal service.

Get a Permit

Most homeowners don’t know that planting and removing a tree requires written approval from the city. Research the permit acquisition process. While we handle the logistics of acquiring a permit, the homeowners should do their homework to avoid possible fines and penalties.

Have a Fallen Tree in Snohomish?

Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service if you have a fallen tree on your property to deal with. Our tree service in Snohomish frequently serves homeowners who have to deal with a tree that succumbed to the heavy gusts of mother nature. 

Speedy Emergency Tree Removal for a Fallen Tree in Snohomish

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The Effects of Flooding on a Tree in Edmonds

tree flooding

The Edmonds area gets a decent level of rainfall. At times, this leads to flooding and ponding water. This can be bad for a tree if one rests on your property. The effects of flooding on a tree can lead to issues that warrant tree service.

How Floods Harm Trees

When water floods the soil, its nitrogen levels diminish significantly. The isn’t because water dilutes the nitrogen. It’s because the flood prevents the roots from absorbing oxygen. The tree responds by grabbing nitrogen from the surrounding soil. It only takes about an hour for an adult tree to consume all or nearly all of the soil’s nitrogen.

What Eventually Happens to the Tree?

When the tree consumes all the nitrogen content at the moment, there’s none left for later use. When trees lack nitrogen, it leads to all sorts of health maladies, such as low pigment in the leaves and stunted growth. If the issue isn’t addressed, this can eventually cause death. It’s not unusual for arborists to remove a tree in a recently-flooded area. 

Prevention Measures

You can’t exactly control the weather and stop a flood. However, you can minimize its hazardous effects on a tree. The best course of action is to hire a tree care professional. An expert can inject nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil using a spray rig. This process is called deep root fertilization and requires industry knowledge and commercial tools. Deep root fertilization enables the soil to expand and also allows the tree to absorb oxygen.

We Minimize the Effects of Flooding on a Tree in Edmonds

Our emergency tree care can quickly respond after a flash flood. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service if ponding water has formed around your tree. The effects of flooding on a tree can’t be overstated. Give your tree the care it needs by bringing in a professional.

Flooding on a Tree in Edmonds: Know the Consequences

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Four Trees Not to Select or Plant on Your Property Near Mukilteo

trees not to plant, bad trees, select trees Early summer is a good time to add new foliage. Some homeowners may also remove a tree or shrub to make way for new vegetation. If you plan on adding new plant life, there are some trees not to plant. Here are the trees we recommend that homeowners refrain from adding to their lawn due to their high-maintenance and difficult upkeep. 

1. Black Walnut

Black Walnuts can be problematic. Their roots emit a chemical that negatively impacts the growth of surrounding foliage. In addition, the trees also produce rather large fruit shells. This can create a mess when dozens of these shells drop to the floor.

2. Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear is a beloved tree due to the white flowers it produces. Unfortunately, the same flowers also emit a foul odor that some people describe as fish-like. The flowers bloom early and leave a mess on your lawn. The tree also tends to split at the trunk, creating an abnormal look. Continue Reading →

What Causes Holes in Tree Trunks Near Lynnwood?

tree trunk holes Some homeowners have noted holes in the tree on their Lynnwood property. What’s with these tree trunk holes, and is this a cause for alarm? Is this an issue that warrants the help of emergency tree service? The holes may stem from a number of factors. Here is a list of the causes that may attribute to holes in your tree.

Boring Insects

If the hole is quite small, about a quarter of an inch, then the issue is likely boring beetles. The Lynnwood region is home to various boring pests that bore a hole into trees and lay eggs. These insects target weakened trees that are easy to bore into. This is a sign that your tree may be suffering from disease or undergoing some form of stress. This definitely warrants tree care service.


If you see a cluster of small holes, then this is likely due to pecking from yellow-bellied woodpeckers. The bird pecks at trees to reach the sugary sap beneath the bark. You can minimize pecking by covering the trunk in burlap wrap. Continue Reading →

Can You Pressure Wash a Tree Near Lynnwood?

pressure wash a treeA pressure washer is a useful outdoor tool. The pressure it exerts is capable of removing even the toughest stains from walls and decks. Is it possible, though, to pressure wash a tree near your Lynnwood home?

Why You Shouldn’t Pressure Wash a Tree Near Lynnwood

We don’t suggest using a pressure washer to clean a tree. Some homeowners may be tempted to clean the moss or other debris off a dirty tree on their property. However, pressure washers are precisely what their name suggests. The pressure produced can be as high as 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). For comparison, the typical garden hose produces about 50 PSI.

How Pressure Washers Harm a Tree

Pressure washers are designed to strip away tough grime. It can just as easily strip away tree bark. Our tree removal crew often reports significant bark loss when removing dead trees. Trees that lack bark are susceptible to disease and boring insects. The power from a pressure washer can also rip leaves from their branch and even snap off thinner branches. Continue Reading →

Why Is My Tree Shedding Leaves in Lake Stevens During Spring?

spring shedding leavesTrees often shed their leaves during the peak of autumn in Lake Stevens. By spring, the trees are supposed to grow back vibrant green leaves. However, what if the tree is shedding some of its leaves instead? Learn about spring leaf shedding and whether this is common and warrants emergency tree service.

The Reason for Spring Leaf Shedding in Lake Stevens

Trees shedding in spring is actually normal behavior. Some species that shed during this season include:  

  • Hickory
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Live Oak
  • Hackberry

These trees shed in spring because they maintain some of their leaves during the prior winter. These leaves age and must eventually go. New lush and green leaves will soon take their place. Continue Reading →

How to Minimize Tree Soil Compaction Near Marysville

tree soil compaction

Even if your tree appears to be in good shape, it may be experiencing ill health at the root level. This may stem from tree soil compaction and can have an adverse impact on the tree’s long-term health. What can you do to keep the soil from compacting?

What Causes Tree Soil Compaction Near Marysville?

Soil compaction is due to multiple causes, though the primary culprit is heavy foot traffic. If you typically have kids and pets scurrying around the yard and stepping all over and around the tree, this can crush the soil.

How Soil Compaction Affects Trees

When we remove a tree, we often notice the soil is abnormally compact. This alone doesn’t account for the tree’s ill health, though it does exacerbate the maladies in a diseased tree. This can weaken the tree, making it vulnerable to becoming completely uprooted during high winds. When our emergency tree service removes uprooted trees, they also report badly decayed roots.

Another issue is that water has a harder time penetrating compacted soil, leading to root dehydration. Trees that lack water are also prone to malnutrition. On top of that, the higher soil density creates pockets of heat that can be detrimental to the tree’s trunk. Continue Reading →