A Tree Falls on My Property; What Do I Do?

tree fall

Storms are not uncommon in the Lake Stevens area. Wind gusts can be powerful enough to knock down weakened trees. If a tree falls on my property, what is the correct course of action? What do I do in the aftermath?

Call Tree Removal Service

If a tree has fallen on your property, you are responsible for calling emergency tree services. This applies even if the tree was on your neighbor’s property and fell over to your side. Basically, the owner of the property where the fallen tree now lies is responsible, not the original tree owner. In other words, if a neighbor’s tree falls on your house or car, they have zero liability.

Call Your Insurance

If a tree has fallen on your property and caused damage, call your home insurance provider and open a claim. Damage from a falling tree is considered an act of God and is usually covered by insurance. The city may also bear some of the costs for property damage if the tree was in a public space. 

In any case, the rules regarding who pays for what can be complex. Next, call a tree removal service; let the insurance sort out the costs and other logistics.

Get a Permit

Most homeowners are unaware that most cities require a permit for removing a tree and/or replanting a new one. We handle the permits if one is required. Be absolutely sure you understand the permit requirements to avoid hefty fines from the city.

When a Tree Falls on Your Property, Give Us a Call

Call Pro-Cut Tree Service if a tree comes down and is now resting on your property. Our tree service handles all aspects, from physical removal to the logistics with the city. If a tree falls on your property, focus first on the removal.

Speedy Emergency Tree Removal

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