Four Trees Not to Select or Plant on Your Property

trees not to plant, bad trees, select treesKick off spring with some beautiful new shrubbery. Some homeowners go a step further by planting a tree or by removing a tree to clear room for a new one. You should, however, be careful about your choice. We outline some trees not to select or plant due to maintenance difficulties.

1. Black Walnut

Black walnuts are extremely problematic. Their roots produce a chemical that prevents vegetation growth in the surrounding soil. On top of that, the tree also produces tennis ball-sized fruit shells. Discarding these is a nuisance.

2. Bradford Pear

The Bradford Pear is renowned for its beautiful white flowers in spring. However, the flowers are also notorious for producing an unpleasant fish-like odor. The flowers also release rapidly and leave a mess all over your yard. In addition, the tree is known to split at the trunk for no reason.

3. Chinese Tallow

This tree has an aggressive root system that can disrupt home foundations and underground pipes. It also produces a fruit that is poisonous to people and canines. Avoid this tree if you’re a pet owner.

4. Linden

The linden tree itself is not the problem. The problem is the thousands of aphids that reside in the tree. The pests leave behind feces at the base of the tree and nearby areas, such as the driveway and front porch. Our emergency tree care routinely deals with aphids and other common tree pests.

Do Not Select or Plant These Trees for Better Lawn Health

If you already have one of these trees and do not wish to remove it, then contact Pro-Cut Tree Service. Our tree service can perform proper maintenance to ensure that its presence is not harmful to the lawn. We must stress again not to select or plant these trees if you wish to save yourself needless hassle.

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