How to Care for a Fir Tree

fir tree, fir tree careThe fir tree is what most people commonly refer to as a Christmas tree. Some homeowners also plant these trees on their property. This gives the home’s exterior a nice alpine look. If you go this route, it’s helpful to know the ins and outs of fir tree care and maintenance.

When to Plant Fir Trees

If planting a bare-root or balled fir tree, start in fall or winter. Before planting, rehydrate the tree for several hours by soaking the base of the trunk in a bucket of water.

If planting a container-grown fir tree, then you can plant anytime of the year. However, we advise against doing so during periods of excessive heat or drought. Unsurprisingly, we remove dead trees a lot more often during dry spells. Also, choose to plant in an area with adequate shade and away from direct sunlight.

Fir Tree Care Tips

A juvenile fir tree requires weekly watering. We suggest saturating the surrounding soil using a soaker hose. Just set the hose to a light trickle and bury it under the mulch for an hour or so. If you notice puddling, turn off the hose and allow the soil to absorb the water before resuming. Adult fir trees already have firmly established roots and only require watering during droughts.

Fertilize every spring until the tree fully matures. Our tree care service can handle both the fertilizing and watering. We also recommend testing the soil before planting. Fir trees thrive in slightly acidic soil.

We Care for Fir Trees

Clients normally contact Pro-Cut Tree Service to care for a fir tree that they intend to use as a Christmas tree. However, our emergency tree care also maintains outdoor firs during droughts. Fir tree care is a complex process that requires constant attention during a tree’s early growth phases.

Fir and Conifer Tree Care

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