Fall Tree Care: DIY Autumn Maintenance Tips

fall tree careThe blazing hot weather has come and gone. Now, the tree has to prepare itself for the impending winter cole. While trees are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, you can help to minimize the stress. These DIY fall tree care tips will ensure a seamless transition as the tree transitions through the changing seasons.

1. Don’t Be Conservative with the Mulch

While we provide mulch as part of our tree care service, homeowners can do this themselves. Mulch helps the roots retain water; it also shields it from temperature extremes. Think of mulch as insulation or a blanket for added protection.

See our post on tree mulching for the “how” and “what” of mulching.

2. Wrap the Tree

For younger and recently-planted trees, wrap the base of the trunk with burlap or paper wrap. While fall is known for mild weather, it’s still subject to temperature extremes. Wrapping the tree protects it from sunscald and frost cracking. Keep the wrap on until the beginning of spring.

3. Water the Tree

Trees can experience dehydration just like people. When we remove a dead tree, it’s not unusual for us to spot signs of severe dehydration.

Follow these watering suggestions:

  • Water along the tree’s critical root zone. This is an imaginary circle that runs along the outer edge of a tree’s dripline.
  • Water in the morning to minimize water evaporation
  • Water once to twice a week
  • To water the tree, place a hose inside the critical root zone and turn it on to a dribble. Let the hose run for two to three hours.

We Provide Full Fall Tree Care

Trees undergo major changes during the fall. You can assist the tree in its transition process or leave the work to Pro-Cut Tree Service. For fall tree care, enquire about our full range of care and emergency services.

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