Can You Pressure Wash a Tree?

pressure wash a treeA pressure washer is an excellent garden tool. A few sprays here and there do wonders for removing age-old grime off the deck or fence. Some homeowners, though, have enquired whether it would be good to pressure wash a tree.

Pressure Washing a Tree Is Not a Good Idea

We don’t ever recommend using a pressure washer on a tree. They’re called pressure washers for a reason. Depending on the model, pressure washers deliver anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000-pounds of pressure per square inch. By comparison, the average garden hose produces 50 PSI, at most.

How Pressure Washers Harm a Tree

Just as a power washer spray strips away grime, it can just as easily strip bark away from a tree. Our tree removal crew can attest that bark loss is a huge cause of premature tree death. Even a small amount of bark loss leaves the tree vulnerable to disease and burrowing insects. In addition, the force of the spray can also shred leaves and snap off weaker branches.

What About Insecticides?

Some people wish to use a power washer to spray the tree with insecticide. We don’t recommend this for the same reason we just described. If you suspect insects are damaging your tree, contact a professional tree service.

How to Safely Clean a Tree

If you want to clean a tree to rid it of grime or moss, then use a plain garden hose. You don’t require an exorbitant amount of pressure from a spray to loosen dirt and debris. After washing, just let the tree dry naturally.

We Maintain Tree Health Without Pressure Washers

Our regular and emergency tree service care for trees in all stages of health. Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service if you have any concerns regarding the state of your tree. As for pressure washing a tree, just don’t do it.

Short-Term and Long-Term Tree Care

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