Why Is My Tree Shedding Leaves in Spring?

spring shedding leavesTrees typically shed in the fall. Spring is supposed to be when they grow vibrant new leaves. Should you be concerned if your tree is shedding leaves in the spring? We’ll explain the possible causes, and whether you might have reason to call for emergency tree service.

The Reason for Tree Leaf Shedding in Spring

Leavf shedding in spring is actually normal for some trees. This includes species, such as:

  • Live oak
  • Hickory
  • Southern magnolia
  • Hackberry
  • Holly

These trees shed in spring because they retain a portion of their leaves over the winter. Those leaves must drop sooner or later, and spring is usually the time when they do so. Rest assured that this is normal behavior. As long as the new sprouting leaves look bright and green, you do not have cause for alarm.

The Other Possible Cause

If your tree isn’t any of the aforementioned species, then you might need to examine the tree. Do the fallen leaves appear brownish, spotted, and/or curled? This may be due to anthracnose, which is an umbrella term referring to a number of fungal diseases. This is especially common in cool and damp spring weather.

While the disease is rarely fatal, we do recommend regular tree care service to keep the tree healthy. In a sense prevention is the best measure for anthracnose. So you should remove dead leaves immediately. Dead infected leaves and twigs contain spores that can spread into the soil. After removal, use a fertilizer to help the tree overcome any possible further infection.

We Protect Trees from all Diseases

Dead tree removal is preventable by keeping the tree healthy. Call Pro-Cut Tree Service to keep your tree healthy in spring and the upcoming summer. Trees shedding leaves in spring may or may not be normal; be certain about the next steps to take.

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