How to Protect Your Trees from Deer

protect trees from deerSnohomish County has a fairly significant deer population. If you live more along the rural areas, expect to run into a buck or doe every now and then. Spotting one is a delightful experience. Unfortunately, if they wander into your property, they can cause significant damage to your trees. We’ll explain how you can protect your trees from deer.

Why Protect Your Trees from Deer?

Male deer rub their horns against the tree bark. They do this to remove the velvet on their antlers. Males may also do this to mark their territory, especially during mating season. This can damage the bark and low-hanging tree branches. Trees without their bark are prone to disease and damage from the elements. When we remove dead trees, we often find that much of its bark is gone.

How to Keep Deer Out

Deer usually return to the same location each season. Once a deer singles out your tree, you will probably see it around more than once. To prevent deer intrusion, we recommend building a woven-wire fence around the tree. The fence should be at least 6-feet high and angled at 30-degrees. Deer are good jumpers and can clear a vertical fence with little effort.

A more temporary measure is to apply deer repellent about 6-feet away from the tree. You can buy repellent from your local garden store or concoct a homemade remedy. Some people also say deer avoid the scent of deodorant soap. You can try this for yourself by placing a soap bar in a mesh bag and suspending it from the tree.

We’ll Protect Your Tree from Animal Intrusion

Our tree service includes protection from wildlife. Pro-Cut Tree Service offers various tree care remedies and emergency tree services year-round. Protecting your tree from deer is a necessity if you regularly spot young bucks around your neighborhood.

Tree Protection from Wildlife

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