Should You Plant a Tree on a Slope?

plant a tree on a slopeThe addition of a tree is always a beautiful addition to your natural outdoor decor. However, what if your home is located on a hill? Should you plant a tree on a slope? What are the benefits? What are the complications, if any?

The Challenges

Slopes inherently present some difficulties for trees. One challenge is that a slope creates a microclimate where the root fails to adequately absorb moisture. In short, water may run off the slope before the root and soil has a chance to soak it in.

In addition, trees already stressed from being on a slope have a more difficult time competing for nutrients with nearby vegetation. This includes shrubs, groundcovers, and forbs, all of which have shallower root systems and tend to absorb nutrients before deeper-rooted trees.

Our crew often removes trees that are located on a slope. The premature death is almost always due to their inability to receive adequate nutrients and water.

The Benefits of Planting Trees on a Slope

Despite the additional required care, trees on a slope do have their advantages. For one, the trees prevent soil erosion. Rainwater washes away much of the topsoil on a slope, which contains the bulk of nutrients. Trees act as a canopy that shields the surrounding soil from rain. Our tree service can ensure you reap the optimal benefits from a hillside tree.

Best Trees to Plant on a Slope

We recommend trees with deep roots. Good choices include evergreens, such as the Douglas Fir, Manuka, and Monterey Pine trees. If you’re interested in food-yielding trees, then consider black cherry, hickory, and black walnut trees.

Maintain Your Sloped Tree

Contact Pro-Cut Tree Service to plant or care for a sloped tree. Our emergency tree service can ensure your tree is receiving adequate care. Planting a tree on a slope is challenging but also very rewarding.

Hillside Tree Planting and Care

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