Why Leaving Leaves Alone Is Good

Leaving leavesAutumn is here. Many deciduous trees native to the Pacific Northwest shed their leaves during this time of year. Traditionally, homeowners want to rake up the leaves. However, this fall we suggest leaving leaves alone. This is a strategic form of tree care that requires zero work on your part.

What Happens When You Leave Leaves Alone?

Nobody rakes up the leaves in a forest. The leaves remain on the forest floor until they naturally degrade. This is beneficial for the tree and the environment in multiple ways. How is leaving leaves beneficial?

Leaves contain carbon. When the leaves sit on the soil and degrade, the soil absorbs the carbon, which helps balance the soil’s nitrogen concentration. Leaves also contain humic acid, which helps moisturize the soil and prevents compaction.

Leaves are also a natural form of mulch that insulates the soil. This is very important now that winter is right around the corner.

In addition, raking and removing leaves leads to environmental waste. Think about the plastic from trash bags and the required transportation when disposing leaves.

Fall Tree Maintenance

When we remove dead trees, we normally don’t clear the leaves, and we advise homeowners to leave the leaves alone. You should, of course, clear leaves from hard surfaces and walking paths. As for leaves resting on soil or grassy turf, leave them be. Another option is to have a landscaper mow the leaves and mix them with grass clippings. This option is actually more advantageous; the grass contains nitrogen from the soil that stimulates microbial activity in the leaves.

Fall Tree Care Is Essential

Trees undergo enormous changes during fall. This is also the time of year when homeowners call us for emergency tree service. This is often due to inadequate care during prior seasons. For optimal tree health, leaving leaves alone is the best policy … and calling Pro-Cut Tree Service.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Fall Tree Care and Maintenance

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